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Straight4Turning 64M
5 posts
7/14/2023 7:27 am
75+ OAP makes me his bitch

By orallust1960@
I walked up the steps and was about to press the doorbell when the door opened and there he stood holding the door open in his unfastened dressing gown offering me entrance to his domain.

I stepped inside. This fit old man closed the door, turned, grabbed my upper arms, swung me to push me against the wall.

Trapped, he plunged in to ram his tongue through my lips and take over my mouth.

Everything about him was better than me.

He was taller, heavier, fitter, more successful, more dominant, more muscular, had a better car, a bigger house, a more beautiful wife, a bigger cock, a fatter cock, had more stamina and shot way more cum.

I couldn't compete and I knew it.

We had met by accident a few months before at a hotel.

We were both there on business, so it turned out. I had decided to take a sauna, had slipped my shorts off, taken a towel and entered the hotel sauna.

There he was, sat naked with his left side facing me. Over 6' a toned and tanned 75ish guy whose body would be the envy of many a younger man.

"Come in" he had said quickly in a natural welcoming voice.

I felt slightly embarrassed but compelled now to join him rather than decline and show my embarrassment.

That was it, that was the beginning. You could say it was the beginning of the end because I was his now, the only sex I got, the only sex I was allowed now was with him.

I entered the sauna and had to walk past him to sit down. When his cock came into view I couldn't help but look quickly. It must have been almost as big as mine was hard. It was fat, heavy.

He said nothing, acted as if nothing had happened but he had seen.

If only I hadn't glanced then maybe none of this would have happened.

I sat down, towel around me.

"We're all men here lad, no need to be shy," he said nodding at my white towel.

Why did I feel compelled to do what he intimated? We hadn't even been introduced and it was clear he was the alpha male in charge.

I unwrapped the towel and exposed my tiny cock to the fresh air. It was about 2" when soft, it was embarrassing next to his monster.

He let out a smirk, reached over, grabbed my wrist and simply placed it on his cock. "Feel what a proper one feels like."

I looked at him with my mouth hanging open and did.

There seemed little point in pulling my hand away and protesting, we both knew the natural order of things, he gave orders, and I subserviently followed them.

"You're right-handed, here kneel on the floor you'll find it easier."

And so I did, just like that. I knelt on the floor between his legs, changed hands and started caressing his cock with my right hand.

It grew, then it grew some more, it was bloody enormous.

"Look at me lad." Lad, I was 63 for goodness sake, "Now taste a real man's cock, lick it."

My face was inches from this huge heavy cock.

I was about to completely give in ti his desires already,

Without delay, I leant forward and licked his mushroom helmet, almost lovingly.

He let out a smirk. "I know a cocksucker when I see one and I suspect you are going to be good at it."

He tilted my head back slightly so I was looking at him again, lifted his right arse cheek off the wooden bench and slowly slid his length into my mouth.

"That's it bitch, enjoy the taste."

I licked as he pulled it out and thrust slowly in again. Half a dozen strokes he made before I pulled my mouth off and gazed at his by now hard and large organ.

"Mmmm look at that cock lad, that cock is going to be your world. You're going to suck that cock and that cock is going to fuck you. Don't take your eyes off it."

It felt good to be told.

"Your mouth and hands feel good bitch so come on, do it for your old man, take my cock in your mouth and make love to it like you're my wife."

I wanted his derision, it made me feel good, make me feel like I had a purpose.

"You're never going to please a woman with your tiny cock, now are you," he said in a tone that expected a response.

"No Sir" I quickly answered before diving straight back onto his enormous cock, it had to be at least 8" probably more and fat.

"That's a good bitch. It's important you pay homage to my big fat cock. It's about respect you see, you must show me the proper respect and you being a cocksucker now, there is only one way, isn't there."

"Yes Sir" I quickly replied again and went straight back to licking the hard undershaft as it stood proudly tall inches in front of my eager face.

He patted my head,

"There's a good bitch, now open your mouth and suck my cock."

I opened and his big red cockhead slid between my lips again.

"That's it, get a good taste, it's a flavour you are going to get well acquainted with."

He groaned with pleasure as I licked his knobhead.

He ran his fingers through my hair and plunged my head down on him. He lifted his buttocks of the bench and began to pummel my mouth.

He was ravishing my mouth, making absolutely sure I knew he was in total control of me. I gagged, spluttered, he didn't change a thing, just kept fucking my mouth as if it were a pussy.

Before long his big dick felt harder.

"Swallow all of it now boitch every drop of my seed, no spilling it."

He let out a loud moan and erupted like a cannon. His thighs were locked around my head as he humped to each spasm.

He loosened my head sighed and let out a moan as the dying ripples of pleasure ripped through him and I lapped, swallowed and started to lick the sensitive underside of his helmet, in between licking his shaft.

His breathing slowly returned to something approaching normal and I let his satisfied cock flop from my well used mouth.

He ushered me out the way, got up and started to leave before turning at the door, "8 o'clock in the bar, don't be late."

Straight4Turning 64M
3 posts
7/20/2023 12:45 am

If you read it, leave a comment, others will then see it and I can improve the next one.

discreetman53 71M
828 posts
7/20/2023 3:27 pm

Mmm a dream. The spontaneous moans. The taking, allowing, yourself a present state of feeling another man in need. So hot and necessary to find resolution.

Straight4Turning 64M
3 posts
7/24/2023 11:31 pm

If you want to message me, do it through this blog, that way we can chat.

lwbtm4top 59M
107 posts
10/5/2023 3:43 am

what an awesome story

Straight4Turning 64M
3 posts
3/18/2024 6:29 am

Thank you to discreetman53 and lwbtm4top, I appreciate you both leaving comments.