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Welcome to my blog!

Seduction by teacher
Posted:Dec 26, 2019 10:58 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2024 7:9 pm

A lesson to remember…age 13 was coming out time!

While in junior high school, I was in a play to be performed during the holidays. We all were working hard, rehearsing as the performance date drew near. My role was that of a young prince and I was required to wear a medieval costume of a doublet and white tights.

We had a dress rehearsal late one afternoon as we finished and all began to leave, my teacher, the director of the play pulled me aside and told me he needed to stay after, to keep the costume on, he had spotted a couple of things from the auditorium that needed to be adjusted.

As the crowd thinned and left, he and I went through the darkening school, up to the third floor. I really didn’t know why we were doing this but hos voice provided a sort of low-level banter that I just went along with. The winter light was all but gone as we reached the nurse’s office, went through the door and kept going into the back room, a high bed against the wall for students ailing and needing to lie down for awhile.

He had me stand against the bed and began to tell me from the audience’s perspective there were flaws in the costume that were very apparent and that we needed to deal with them before the night of the event. He asked me to take the doublet off, which I did, unzipping it, letting it open but he said, no, take it off completely. I stepped out of the costume and now stood before him, bare-chested, wearing only the white tights.

I felt something, a sense of perhaps there was something not quite right with being here, alone, in the half-light of a gray winter’s afternoon, wearing only tights. He stepped forward, his voice low, almost soothing, always speaking, describing the problem of the appearance of the tights, the need to adjust them, to get it just right.

He dropped to his knees in front of me, his hands softly, lightly, gliding along the outsides of my legs, up from the calves, along my thighs, up to the waistband of the tights. He would mull over the need to remove the imperfections, the need to have the material lie flat, he said. His hands moved along the waistband, around my hips, his fingers dropped beneath the band, beneath the elastic material and I felt them slightly brush along the sensitive areas of my first my hips, then across my groin.

He decided the waistband needed to be adjusted, casually, slowly rolling it down, an inch at a time. He turned me, his hands running over the tops of my ass, the waistband being manipulated down until his fingers, expertly playing with the material brushed across the cleavage of my ass, just at the top, lingering a just a moment too long but then where gone, turning me again to face him.

He adjusted the front of the waistband to match the back, rolling it lower and lower until I felt the backs of fingers at the top of my groin, sensations beginning to course through my body in response to being touched, closer and closer to the growing excitement trapped inside the tights.

I knew something was wrong…I couldn’t do anything, I seemed trapped between wanting to run and wanting to experience what part of me thought was happening. He sensed my confusion, I think and he noticed I was beginning to respond beneath the thin material. He assured me everything was all right, that we needed to do this and what we were doing would be out little secret for the good of the show. He rolled the tights down yet another fold, the tops of my groin now just barely exposed. While rolling them down, the backs of his fingers were dipping deeper and deeper into the tights and I felt him lightly brushing over the spare new hair growing above my cock. This time, he didn’t pull away or move off so quickly but rather lingered there, his fingers seeming to relish being so close to his prize. One hand stayed, resting in the curve of my groin, tantalizing close to my thickening cock. The other trailed around my waist, fingers lightly following the waistband and then quietly holding the upper half of my ass cheek while a stray finger slipped just into the cleavage of my ass, just an inch or two down from the top and stopped there to relish getting away with groping the young boy.

I was very unsure of what was expected of me, if I was supposed to do something, to react to what was happening. And I was growing more and more humiliated at the fact that my cock was betraying me, steadily thickening and growing, bent over under the stretch material but becoming more and more obvious. He aid I shouldn’t be surprised, that young guys had this happen to them all the time, that he not only understood but he could do something about that I would like. He looked up at me, making eye contact and asking, you want me to make this feel fool don’t you? I mumbled an assent, humiliated I was agreeing; humiliated I wanted exactly what was coming next.

He pulled the tights away from my groin, my erection springing out, stiff and incredibly hard, swollen. His hand moved to pull the tights down, slipping them under my balls, covering my cock with hand, his finger inching deeper into the cleavage of my ass. His face leaned forward, his tongue darted out and he beat a staccato across my balls that almost made my knees buckle. His tongue wormed its way along my shaft, found the sensitive spot just beneath the head and flicked across, bathing it in butterfly kisses, a sensation I yearn for even today. He sucked at that spot and soon had the head, then the entire shaft deep with his steaming, hungry mouth. His other hand pulled me closer while clutching at my ass, his fingertip finding then dancing over that hole and communicating his desire for me to fuck his mouth.

I yielded up to the sensations. Relished the pleasure exploding all over my body and within a very few moments, felt myself begin to tighten deep within my nutsack. He responded to this growing tension by tonguing my cock in his mouth, coaxing an explosive orgasm, spasm after spasm of cum coursing from my fountain. I felt my hips jerk and the fourth, fifth and sixth waves of cum disappeared into the cunt of his mouth. Exhausted, spent, throbbing I leaned back against the bed and watched him, kneeling in front of me, playing with himself, stroking himself and finally spurting his load onto the floor in front of me.

It took awhile, heavy breathing, not sure of what to say, embarrassed but incredibly sexually charged, there in the dark room. His hands began to move again, I felt myself responding, and as only a young sex-hungry boy can, I was erect and yearning again within twenty minutes. His hand moved between my legs, cupped my balls, slipped further back and wormed its way deep into the cleavage f my ass, worshiping and taunting my asshole, a sensation I grew to love. My cock disappeared into his mouth, this time taking longer to reach the top, this time having less to offer but enough to satisfy me and his hunger.

The school year was not over…the play came off famously and my teacher let me know how badly he wanted his reward, again and again.

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