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And So It Was...

The memories of my experiences with other men... most of which are with members of OP

Great Night's Get-Away
Posted:Oct 2, 2006 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2006 1:00 am

I was in New York on a business trip last week. I posted an invitation to join me in my hotel room... I got one serious response, but he was back home here in Connecticut. Luck had it... he travelled back to CT this weekend. We finally got together in his hotel room last night. It was fantastic!! His body, personality, and the way he handled me... oh, it was like a dream. Passionate kisses were shared for over an hour. Another A+ meeting thanks to OP's membership!!
A Very Wet Hello & Good-bye
Posted:Sep 22, 2006 10:13 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2006 8:31 pm

It was Labor Day weekend and my indoor pools (2) were closed; however, the outdoor pool complex (4) were packed with customers. I had made arrangements to meet a new member to OP for some skinny dipping fun. Just before our scheduled meeting, I had accepted a new job which would require me to move to CT. I was waiting near the back door to the building (the same door that Gary met me for our walk in the rain) to meet up with Steve... a new friend from OP with whom I'd been exchanging emails... when my boss noticed me from across the parling lot. He walked over to see if I was okay. We'd spoken a few hours earlier when I tendered my resignation. As we were talking, Steve pulled up. I waved him off as I explained to my boss that he was a cousin who was just in town for a quick visit. My boss left and I introduced myself to Steve.

We walked through the dark building and found our way to the therapeutic pool. I suggested that we get into the pool for a dip. Steve stated taht he had not brought a swimming suit. I responded that I had hoped we wouldn't need suits. Steve had an amazing smile on his face as I started to undress him. After we removed each others' clothing, we sat down on the edge of the pool. I stared at the amazing reflections coming from the surface of the water and revealing Steve's monstrous cock. I slipped into the pool and buried my face between Steve's legs, as he sat pool side.

Steve spread his legs apart and helped to guide his raging hard-on into my mouth. I played with his balls and reached around to get a good grip on his ass. I pulled Steve closer to the edge as I took him deep into my throat. As I finally released his dick from my mouth, Steve slid into the pool and turned me to face away from him. He pulled me back against him and I felt his massive hard-on rest between my cheeks. He lowered his hands and started massaging my testicles. It was the first time I had someone with his dick against my ass... just resting upright in my crack.

Steve's hands were amazing as he seemed to explore every area of my body. I turned around and pressed our dicks together. Steve cupped the back of my head and tenderly brought my lips to meet his. He kissed me quite gently and slowly started to explore my mouth with his tongue. The passion grew more and more explosive as Steve kissed me harder and harder.

I took a breath and dropped to my knees... I took Steve's cock into my mouth... underwater. Since I'm a swimmer, I can stay under for quite a while. Steve started to arch his back as I gently moved him in and out of my mouth. I could hear Steve moaning... even under water. As I surfaced for air, Steve grabbed my head and pushed me back down. I took his sac into my mouth and sucked his shaved bundle with all I had. He moaned louder and louder.

I returned to the surface and climbed Steve's torso with my hands until I was standing up against him again. I kissed him hard and started pressing him back, trying to bend him backwards over my arms which I had wrapped around his waist in a tight hug. Steve's hands were on his own cock jerking up and down. He ejaculated underwater... his screams of orgasm were muffled by my tongue in his mouth.

Although my fantasies involve men in showers and pools and hot tubs... Steve was uncomfortable going underwater to service me. He asked if we could exit the pool and find a shower. I escorted him to the showers... walking side-by-side with my hand on his ass.

Steve immediately dropped to his knees in the dark shower room. He took me deep into his throat and sucked me dry. I had to lower myself to the floor as I climaxed in his mouth. The showers were hot and spraying from all 8 heads on us. As Steve started to get up from the floor, I grabbed him and sucked his cock again. It was the first time I ever swallowed someone's load. As I was taking him in and out of my mouth, I thought I had heard a noise, but just ignored it. Steve and I cleaned ourselves off and realized that we had not brought towels along. I ran down the hallway to my office and retrieved the towels from my locker. As I approached the men's locker room, I noticed lights on in the women's locker area.

Steve and I quickly dried off and retrieved our clothes from the pool area. We dressed in the darkness of my office. We went back to the locker room and realized that we had left wet footprints from the pool, across the pool deck, all the way down the hallway and into the showers. There was also a trail back up to the pool and into my office.

I opened the door to the women's locker room and found our maintenance director hosing down the shower area with disinfectant. I introduced Steve to him as my cousin. The director replied that we must be very close and I knew that I was caught. Steve and I both turned bright red. We made our excuses and left him to finish cleaning as we exited the building. I was so scared. Steve kissed me good-bye and drove off, but not before I explained to him that I had taken a job six hours away and would be leaving within the month. He was very nice about it, but indicated that it was a real shame because we had hit it off so well.

The next work day, I went to visit the maintenance director. He was very nice to me. I picked up the "vibe" that my secret was safe with him. He wished me the best of luck in my new endeavors. WHEW!!!
Fantasies... They Come True, It Can Happen To You...
Posted:Sep 17, 2006 8:02 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2006 8:32 pm

I exchanged some emails, back in the early days of OP, with a fantastic member. He was a school librarian who had a great house with an inground pool and an outdoor hot-tub. I am really excited by pools and showers. He invited me over to a "party" with a few other OP members that he had been exchanging emails with. I was in graduate school at the time, attending classes one weekend per month. His party was on a Sunday, so I arrived much later than the other guests. When I got there, I was escorted to the backyard to meet the three other guests. They were all finishing up dinner. I had already eaten with my classmates at school.

Two of the guests were wrapped in towels sitting at an umbrella table. After they finished eating, they dropped their towels and dove into the pool... naked. The host and another guest and I cleaned up the food and then joined the others in the pool... we were in suits. The host submerged and removed my suit, along with his own and the last guest. We all swam around naked for a bit and then climbed out. All five of us go into the hot tub.

All four of them brought my naked body to the surface and each took turns kissing and sucking me. It was my fantasy... in every way... coming true. All five were very well-built, all five were handsome, each in his own distinct way. Two of the guests exited the hot-tub and went inside, leaving me with the host and his friend.

The three of us really hit it off. For some reason, they kept servicing me. Each of us had turns floating to the surface and allowing the others to enjoy our bodies... but, they seemed to prefer keeping me on the surface. After we all climaxed, the friend and I moved into the shower. He caressed every inch of my body with his hands and a bar of soap.

I was so spent. But, the night was not over... we toweled off and moved into the bedroom. The other three were taking turns with each other. I never had a desire to participate in anal sex before, but this situation was so hot. I didn't get to watch too long before someone started rubbing lubricant on my shaft.

With the help of two others, I entered the host. It was an amazing experience. Two hot men were massaging me and my ass as I screwed another man... who was sucking off another. It was like a scene from a hot BelAmi video.

Thanks to OP for hooking me up with Matt, Charles, Joe, and David. It was fantastic. I've since moved out of state, but I yearn to return for a reunion.
A Quick Catch-up...
Posted:Sep 16, 2006 2:13 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2006 12:59 am

I've probably known that I have gay tendencies since Jr High School. I remember the shower room after physical education (gym) class. I was a competitive swimmer, so there were numerous opportunities with other naked guys all around. I suppressed those desires all the way through high school and college.

I didn't experience sexual gratification with another person until I was 31 years old!! I was working as an aquatics director and continued the trend of hanging around scantily clad men and water... the showers have always been my favorite spot. I often found myself in the showers with the same people. After numerous tests, I now recognize... but was not catching on back then, a guy asked me to come to his house. He was a teacher in a local high school and offered to help recruit more lifeguards, which I desperately needed.

I gathered a stack of job applications and walked down the street to his house. We reviewed the paperwork and he started to caress my leg. He asked if I was interested in a blowjob. I was really scared and was about to take him up on the offer, when a woman (his room-mate) walked into the room. Introductions were made and we discussed the lifeguard and swim instructor vacancies. She became interested in applying for a job... so, the conversation remained professional and I eventually made an excuse to leave.

Two days later, I had to guard the pool until closing and the same guy was waiting for me in the locker room. He and his partner, Michael, had already showered and dressed and were getting ready to leave. As I finished my shower and approached my locker, I passed Michael in the hallway. Gary was sitting on the bench in front of my locker. He was crowding the space so I stepped back to put on my underwear. He grazed my dick as I backed out of the way. I pulled up my boxer briefs and stepped back to my locker to grab my shorts and shirt, but Gary grabbed ahold of me, through the underwear and began to massage me. I was instantaneously hard. Gary pushed my back against the wall and he pulled my unit out of my underwear by pulling the leg hole above my shaft. He started sucking me and I begged him to stop. I was so afraid someone would walk in on us and I would absolutely be fired. He continued and it was extremely pleasurable. I told him that I'd never done something like this and he went wild. It was my first blowjob and I was hooked. He finished by sucking down and swallowing every last drop, returned my underwear to the proper position and said, "Good night. Sweet dreams. I know I will."

It was a stormy night and I had to ensure the building was locked and secured, for I was on "Night Duty." I left through a back door, which was closest to my car in the employee parking lot. As I shut and locked the door behind me, I turned to find Gary sitting under the delivery-area roof. He claimed to be waiting for the rain to slow down before he walked home. I was about to offer him a ride when he asked if I was okay about what happened. I smiled and sighed and told him how fantastic it was.

Gary asked me to follow him down around the back of the building to a park (which was part of the recreation complex that I supervised). He wanted to show me something in the pavilion. After we ran through the mud and rain, we arrived under the covering and he dropped his pants. He grabbed ahold of my hands and placed them upon his HUGE dick. I had never touched another man before. I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I began to rub his long shaft, then used my other hand to massage his sac. Gary removed my shorts and lifted me onto a picnic table. He started to suck me off again. He was still soft when I let go of his body, but I was raging hard again.

The rain was pounding down and the sound was musical. I laid back on the table as he kneeled on the concrete floor and performed magic on my instrument. I felt amazing currents running throughout my body. It seemed to last forever. I remember feeling an amazing explosion from my groin... but, Gary kept going. The rain kept a sycopated rythym that seemed to conduct his lips back and forth across my cock. I came a second time and he swallowed it all. I was so sensitive down there... it was driving me nuts. The rain continued and I just laid there, trying to calm down.

I could hear Gary jerking himself off. He asked if I wanted to try, but I was so out of my element. Gary didn't mind. He finished, cleaned himself off, and bid me good night.

I laid there with no clothes on and listened to the rain pounding on the roof above me. I started to hear the rain bouncing from the puddles along the edge of the concrete slab. I was growing soft and suddenly felt a chill come over me. I stood and dressed and walked through a deluge of rain to my car. I drove home and had the best night's sleep... EVER.

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